Split Squat Test (Lower Body Strength)


Test Objective for Split Squat Squat Test:

This test is a quick screen for baseline leg strength.  The glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves are the main muscles being evaluated. As stated earlier, any weaknesses here effects the player’s ability to produce ground force up through their body and stabilize the large forces generated in the swing. The average tour player can split squat 50% of their body weight 8 times (or 150% total) with either leg forward.

How to Perform the Split Squat Test:

Have the player get into a good split stance with their dominant leg forward and their feet approximately four foot widths apart.  Grab one pair of dumbbells that has a total combined weight of 25% of their body weight.  Place one dumbbell in each of their hands with their arms hanging down by their sides.  Have them try to perform one split squat (back knee goes all the way to the ground) and return to the starting position.  See if they can handle the weight.   If they can, ask them if they think they could perform eight reps with that weight.  If they can, increase the weight and repeat the test.  If they can’t, reduce the weight and repeat the test. Continue until you determine what is their perceived 8-rep max.  Repeat with the non-dominant side.

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